Tuesday, June 21, 2011



we've resorted back to the starting line
     which only makes for a tougher climb
to re-gain a love off a damaged vine
     will take some time to re-design

as messy as this path has got
     it's lessons that we've learned and taught
emotions care to much to stop
     but did we truly give it all we got

life’s concerned with no direction
     stranded in heart breaks intersection
as I ponder natures next intention
     I realize that love is the best invention

although it hurts from time to time
     it's truly the soul's internal drive
it reasons not with the mind
     when love's involved, it's truly blind

will we cross the finish line as one
     growing old ... under the sun
recovering from times so troublesome
     or has failure already one

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. I like this very much--there are some tremendous lines here. I am not usually a fan of the rhymed, but you carry it off with great conviction.

  2. As I dive deeper into the twittering world I've seen a wide variety of how people create poetry. I guess some are for the ryhme scheme and sum feel it makes the poems feel forced. For some reason rhyming my emotions and feelings have always come naturally and easily. I have a few non-rhyming but most seem to fall into this scheme... Thanx for takin the time to read my work .. I really appreciate it!!

  3. Angel...I'm honored you wanted me to read this...I'm not big for rhyme outside the context of music, so I tried to put it to a melody as I read it. It runs with biting pain...if anything I think should have a chorus throughout it. Well done...rasmithii

  4. Thanx Ras!! - I guess being a musician I kind of indirectly set it to some sort of melody. I like my poetry to have a flowing sense about it. Thanx for checkin out my work and takin the time to comment on it!!