Tuesday, August 19, 2014


between the lines that time designs 
stands tall a blueprint that's just your size
a sculptured still of an impervious soul 
cast in the flesh of your personal mold 

splintered memories recall those minutes
where no right or wrong made a difference
built on actions that designate your path
look both ways because life's effects can last

an equation built on the sands of times
a designated seat on a one-way ride
etched in the stained glass walls of reflections
where memories are made in a matter of seconds

golden are the opportunities that lead to chance
that sometimes fade and sometimes last
derailed are the layouts that never go as planned
dimensions as shaky as creations plan

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Erotic flavor
100 Proof
Visually stimulized
By your birthday suit

Restless fingers
Silent motion
Entwined in another's flesh
and pleasure's hosting

Vulnerable poison's 
Collide together
Stripped to the bone
For your viewing pleasure

Guided by lust
and your salty tongue
Who knew the pain
Could be so fun

Glorified perception
Your world inside mine
The smell that lingers
When your body grips mine

Soiled in sweat
Gripped by your moans
The flavor of ecstasy
In concentrated tones

Embraced tightly in this
naked web we've spun
It's a recipe for love
When two souls become one

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It's a dusty path in yesterdays shoes
and where I'm going, I haven't a clue

Tomorrow wears the souls of bridges crossed
in veils of accomplishments and loss

Through the rip tides that determine strength
It's your choice to shine or fade

When the ground begins to crumble down
you find out which friendships really count

Misunderstood by those who are not comfortable in their skin
as if any amount of judging will determine who I am

Regardless of the view reflected in your eyes
we learn to appreciate another soul's fight

Absorb the years beneath your dusty shoes and take a chance
Because in the end you want a lifetime of memories and not 

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Battles today are fought with 
       drama filled status updates
  brought to you by the intolerance 
society openly praises
Hateful words embedded into 
a screen now re-constructed
  in the low self-esteems we hand out on the daily.

How useful are those browsers 
that capitalize on our need to know "what's trending" 
in a world obsessed with what's popular
A virtual world where boyfriends are designed, 
egos are inflated and connections are made a million miles away 
by real, or not so real people.

Technology can be the most useful 
yet damaging tool we create
  absorb the knowledge and not the obsession
Experience the ability to share who you are
  by a concept so easy as: click, post, share.

Exhausted are the buttons that 
so easily share your life
  no filter exists when you can hide behind a screen
Watching everyone, one by one, become zombified
 in a virtual world, with virtual love and virtual dreams.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Served my heart on a platter, a value that is never free
priced this soul, it has to go, when your love becomes my disease

Wounds you stitch with your broken promised words
depict the uncertainty of either your or my worth

Striped down the layers of socialized standards to find you beneath
the rubble can weigh you down or impose even greater dreams

Create a reflection that gives you the strength to smile
as the continuous chaos of the world revolves away in denial

Randomly our souls would meet on unfamiliar streets
where time seemed to stand still but last no more than a blink

The only thing that's certain is nothing's certain at all
Built on your own desires to either build or break those walls

I have not found a single regret in these "SINS" I have met
your guide to life is not my size and your rules I don't get

Tomorrow awaits my next move to continue or fall astray
Luckily I don't give up and failure doesn't mean a thing

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Road Between Two Hearts

Unfolded are the memories that minutes can not duplicate
Retraced are those desires that a heart can not fabricate

Can the voice of reason lead to the same dream as hope?
And can those dreams come as easy as the ones you let go?

The cowardly find it feasible to drain your strength
A lesson that these eyes of have seen and will not play

Blind to the tribulations of tomorrows disasters
But it's that uncertainty and adventure, that I am after

A heart can only break so much before the cracks no longer care
Before you finally realize and accept those things you can not repair

Cataloged are the moments you either accept or deny
Will your story reflect those achievements, or a wish-list of whys?

It's an emotional conquest disrupted by the road between two hearts
Those chances in life you either embrace, or let fall apart

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

Friday, December 13, 2013


A contemporary containment of
superficial portrayals of an image
to obscure to duplicate
   Yet you see hundreds of same-
   minded 14 & 15 year olds stretching
   the limit of beauty ... to belong
That same screen reflects countless
materialistic objects we "need" but don't know why
the same reflection built on popularity
   Individuality growing more extinct
   because evolving within your own agenda
   sets you aside from the sheep
Magazines depict the loss of natural beauty
now re-constructed in photo shop and etched
into the impressionable minds of our youth
   A diluted statement of what beauty is
   and what a palette of colors can hide
   leads value into lies
Showcased are the image hoarding zombies
to fake to realize their life is a script
promoting the control money can have
   Beauty can be the ugliest creation shroud
   in the most expensive attire but no amount
   of money can hide ... morality
Days becoming endangered to the simple man
when controversy begs to shake your hand
another victim to a conformists plan
   Resist those scams that doubt your value
   established only to populate consumerism
   in this marketable flavor we call, life.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell