Thursday, March 27, 2014


Served my heart on a platter, a value that is never free
priced this soul, it has to go, when your love becomes my disease

Wounds you stitch with your broken promised words
depict the uncertainty of either your or my worth

Striped down the layers of socialized standards to find you beneath
the rubble can weigh you down or impose even greater dreams

Create a reflection that gives you the strength to smile
as the continuous chaos of the world revolves away in denial

Randomly our souls would meet on unfamiliar streets
where time seemed to stand still but last no more than a blink

The only thing that's certain is nothing's certain at all
Built on your own desires to either build or break those walls

I have not found a single regret in these "SINS" I have met
your guide to life is not my size and your rules I don't get

Tomorrow awaits my next move to continue or fall astray
Luckily I don't give up and failure doesn't mean a thing

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Road Between Two Hearts

Unfolded are the memories that minutes can not duplicate
Retraced are those desires that a heart can not fabricate

Can the voice of reason lead to the same dream as hope?
And can those dreams come as easy as the ones you let go?

The cowardly find it feasible to drain your strength
A lesson that these eyes of have seen and will not play

Blind to the tribulations of tomorrows disasters
But it's that uncertainty and adventure, that I am after

A heart can only break so much before the cracks no longer care
Before you finally realize and accept those things you can not repair

Cataloged are the moments you either accept or deny
Will your story reflect those achievements, or a wish-list of whys?

It's an emotional conquest disrupted by the road between two hearts
Those chances in life you either embrace, or let fall apart

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

Friday, December 13, 2013


A contemporary containment of
superficial portrayals of an image
to obscure to duplicate
   Yet you see hundreds of same-
   minded 14 & 15 year olds stretching
   the limit of beauty ... to belong
That same screen reflects countless
materialistic objects we "need" but don't know why
the same reflection built on popularity
   Individuality growing more extinct
   because evolving within your own agenda
   sets you aside from the sheep
Magazines depict the loss of natural beauty
now re-constructed in photo shop and etched
into the impressionable minds of our youth
   A diluted statement of what beauty is
   and what a palette of colors can hide
   leads value into lies
Showcased are the image hoarding zombies
to fake to realize their life is a script
promoting the control money can have
   Beauty can be the ugliest creation shroud
   in the most expensive attire but no amount
   of money can hide ... morality
Days becoming endangered to the simple man
when controversy begs to shake your hand
another victim to a conformists plan
   Resist those scams that doubt your value
   established only to populate consumerism
   in this marketable flavor we call, life.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Welcome to this illusion of "equal rights"
Where dollar signs determine life lines

Devalued are the broken the government claims
Soiled are the hands that wash away these names

Callous sympathy clad in suits and ties
Where the best peoples interest is blinded by lies

The "vote" no longer belongs to us
It's now a guessing game of  "who can we trust?"

Empty agendas built on cold-hearted scams
Is truly the truth behind our governments plans

Question the voice who decides your rights
In this nation where dollar signs determine life lines

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Accept me for who I am
  Or leave my heart behind
For these games of heartache
  I've already done my time

Vision life beyond these stares
  And embody me with your touch
When the flesh of two souls collide
  It depicts the smoldering embers of  love

L  ove is the most powerful gift you can share
O  bviously, at the same time, it's the hardest to repair
V  ital are the beats that keep me alive
E  ncouraged by the beauty behind your eyes

Accept the remaining pieces of my heart
  As a gift from me to you
The potential for love is a beat away
  Underneath the blacks and blues

Silent gestures resonate between
  Your smile and your eyes
As if somehow our worlds connected
  At that moment .. place .. and time

L  ove is the most powerful gift you can share
O  bviously, at the same time, it's the hardest to repair 
V  ital are the beats that keep me alive
E  ncouraged by the beauty behind your eyes

Forward is where we go from here
  In a battle fought as two
The path that led to my happiness
  Somehow ran into you

Forgotten are the failed loves
  As life takes a different view
Spring has fallen on my heart
  And it's time to begin anew

L ove is the most powerful gift you can share
O  bviously, at the same time, it's the hardest to repair
V  ital are the beats that keep me alive
E  ncouraged by the beauty behind your eyes

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I wanna catch fish
but I can't
Cuz they swim to fast
Through water and sand

I use my green net
for catching fish
So I show my friends
when I catch a fish

My fish
Blue Fish
Happy Fish
I gotta catch a fish!!

Fish in the bowl
we give it food
And watch them swim
that's what they do

Fish are fun
fish are neat
But only to look at
and not to eat!

My Fish
Blue Fish
Happy Fish
I gotta catch a fish!!

By: Levi Brady & Angel Campbell 

Levi is 5 years old and we just wrote his 1st song!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Visions found in puddles of rain
Quietly reflect a face
                                 but no name
That tattered soul in everyday glass
Are visions built on an unstable past

The crackling of each worn out step provides
A shorter distance between 
                                hello and good-bye
Filtered thru the frigid words of hope
To determine this reflections goals

Beauty's still-life debated by the crowd
Is the reason why, she's always looking down
In the world of these reflections 
                                    words are the weapon
Designed by an ugly soul's lack of direction

Embrace the beauty your heart reflects
Never giving into what others expect
Smile at the person found in the puddles of rain
The beauty of a face
                                  with no name

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell