Friday, April 8, 2016


Above Angled Accusations Abstract Assertions
Allow A mess of Assumptions

Bitterness Benefits Bullies Behind Battered
Barriers only Because Broken hearts still Beat

Created Confusing Conversations Causing Corrosive
Clouds of friction Corrupting Chaos

Dialogues Depict Desires Destined to Disect
Dimensions between your soul and mine

Endless Exaggerations Encompass Extended Efforts
to Entice the Emptiness of Elegance

Follow Forgotten Fairy tales Formed Feverishly 
For the Fear of unhappy endings

Gravity Guides Glass Good-byes Gracefully
between the Guidelines of Goodwill and Grief

Heartache Hinders Happiness when Habitual Helpings
of dis-Honesty leave Holes in your soul

Instantly Ignorance Isolates Instances Instigated
by Inept lips soaked In Intolerance

Jealousy Judges un-Justified intentions Joining the
gestures of Jargon and Jaded Journeys

Knowledge Keeps Kindness a hand shake away 
Knowing Karma craves Killings Kingdoms

Lessons Learned when Lost Luxuries Limit
Loose pockets Living Life without Labels

Misguided Memories Make Mistaken Murals of 
Misfortune Most can't out-run

Never Negotiate Natures Negative Nonsense
displaced by Narcissistic Nobodies

Obviously Obstacles Open difficult outcomes
Only to Orchestrate an Opacity Of Offenses

People's Petty Propaganda Permeates Pretentiously
between Proposals of Personal im-Perfections

Quietly Quarrels contort Questions into concerns
Deliberating Quicker than the Quicksand of life

Restless Resolutions Recycle Remnants Repo'd
by the Ruins of a Rigid heart

Sequester Simple Solutions Solely to Surrender
the Strength of today's Society 

Tomorrow's Textures Thrive on challenging Theories
That Threaten The outcome of Tolerance

Uniforms Unite Ugly agendas Under the Unfortunate
assumption that Unarmed minds lack reason

Violence like Venom Varnishes Veins Vowing 
to swallow the Vulgar pieces in Vain

Wasted minuets Warrant Wishes that Wave goodbye
to the Welfare's of a Weeping Widow

Youth beckons Yesterdays memories collecting
forgotten Years You, Yourself, care not to share

Zombified sarcasm donated by Zealous dictators 
Zoned to the notion that they run this Zoo

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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