Thursday, March 31, 2016

(Set 2)

~ If anything
beautiful words
spilled from 
her wounds ~

- When life has dealt you cards miles apart
you leave strength in words to connect two hearts -

* The soundest this soul ever sleeps
is when the thought of you 
invades my dreams *

~ My new favorite song ..... your heartbeat ~

- Don't let the facade of another
determine the mileage on your heart -

* Emotions linger only time can console
still wiping your dirt off of my soul *

~ Dear Anti-Valentine:
roses are red
diarrhea is green
i hope the vultchers of love
pick your emotions clean
Sincerely, Better off without you ~

- How far in this soul
do you plan to reach,
before the cravings in your eyes
devour me? - 

* Only you can allow obstacles to become road blocks *

~ Be the smile to which
her heart connects
and not the memories
she just wants to forget ~

- Tripping over your words
saturated in hyperbole's
distinguishable only by the notion
that lies fill your teeth 

An erotic configuration
where the scrutiny of words
and the determination of lust
meet -

*  Graffiti my heart with your
twisted versions of desire
the chains that claim the lips
of tomorrows attire
abstract prescriptions your veins inspire
another dose of your soul
to get me higher *

~ When days beckon to question your heart beat
be the strength you can only find
between the confidence of the beautiful
and the resilience of the broken ~

- Abstract emotions collide on the rockiest of streets
Where the earths vibrations reach from sky to sea

Reset the reflection you can clearly not see
Because you are to hung up on being you
and I'm to busy being me -

* Music is the best addiction to rattle these veins *

~ Decipher the notes that linger
withing the melody that resonates
between our lips and fingers ~

- Rummaging thru the past
tombstones in my mind
Edges bent form 
smiles and tears
for the tomorrows
we redesign  - 

* The only person you should try and be better than
Is the person you were yesterday *

~ A thousand days
a million pieces
I've struggled to puzzle
the jagged illusions
that only second guess
my confidence
in a shaky reflection ~

- It's detrimental 
to never negotiate 
the dreams to which
you gravitate -

* It's not easy
not to care
but sometimes
It's the only way
to salvage
your sanity *

~ Closed chapters in heart
forgotten memories in my mind
resonated lips that need no translation
of a lust that leaves you blind ~

- If she's worth it .. she won't be easy
if she's easy ... she won't be worth it -

* The truth trumps
any sweet lie *

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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