Tuesday, March 1, 2016

(Set 1)

- A million voices in my head
and the only one I want to hear
is you.

- Freeze frame the dialogues 
etched in loaded syllables
Diagnosed by desire
and fingertips that whisper

Grasping the expendable flavors
that time can not touch
As the chains of tomorrow
Embrace the electricity our souls

- When flesh and bone 
devour the past
And the beat to your heart
never lasts

Do you dare embrace
the glance of another's cast?
Or build a wall
that love can't pass?

- When your path begins to bend
and you're not quite sure who's your friend
The view from inside this quite room
can be your future .. or be your tomb

- Penetrate my veins with frigid words of love
breathe in the high that chills the lungs
Taste the salty soul my lips provide
the grip that leaves hearts entwined

- Bullet proof heart and flammable tears
evaluate damaged words thru skeptical ears
Soiled in satire ... Your monster inside 
It's a desirable disaster when worlds collide

- Fishing for the strings of sanity
that linger in the distance
Assorted volumes of stress 
crackle with each thought

Sitting face first on the 
open flames of an empty fire
Where visions bleed into beauty
or fade away and rot

-  Your tweets
weigh down
the strength
that my heart
has built
i guess its never
to late to take
two steps back

-  Sometimes the only way
to clear your thoughts
is to force your heart
to take a deep

- In this world
we can only guess
Which lies to believe
and what lies to 

- A million miles away 
and still my mind
can't escape
the reflections
of your 

-  When words 
and actions
just don't mix
it could be alright
but don't 
count on it

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. It's never 2 late 2 take 2 steps back, and start over ... or 3 steps or 4 ... lovely poem, Angel ... Always, cat.