Monday, June 20, 2011


To those, whose hearts I did once scar
To those, lives I did make hard
To those, I disliked but never knew
I’m sorry for causing pain to you

To those, once friends that ceased to be
To those, I considered my enemies
To those, who only tried to help
I’m sorry for only thinking of myself

To those, presumed loves that came to an end
To those, I betrayed as a friend
To those, whose lines I constantly crossed
I’m sorry, to your life destruction I’ve caused

To those, who tried to show me the way
To those, who only wanted me to stay
To those, I had to say good-bye
I’m sorry I left you with a tear in your eye

To those, whose ways I could not trust
To those, who I only loved in lust
To those, who gave me the courage to be
I’m sorry for never taking the time to see

To those, whose hearts I brought an ache
To those, commitments I could not make
To those, smiles I brought a frown
I’m sorry to you I could not be bound

To those, in time I grew to fear
To those, hearts I could not near
To those, who took the time for me
I’m sorry but human is all I can be

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell



  1. Stating it simply has added beauty to the entire thought.

    Awesome read! :)

  2. Wow!! That's really good..

  3. Thank you everyone!! .. Sometimes its hard to say your sorry at the time when emotions are so high and pride blinds ones eyes .. So i collected all mine up and this is what I got :)

    Thanx again!! - Angel