Sunday, June 19, 2011


Now bare your chest
Volunteer some flesh
Let your soul release
Dissected skin
No beat within
On bitter blood we feast

Lick the wound
You’ve been consumed
By deaths fatal kiss
Insert the blade
Begin to fade
With frail bloody fists

A forgotten life
A soul has been freed
Trickling love
A painful love
For death I do plead
Deliberate scars
Form a weak heart
I never had a chance
Share your pain
Bare your veins
Sweet necromance

Bones grow numb
No place to run
Absent grows the mind
No need to pray
Under bloody rain
For I can see no light

Chosen to cheat
My quick defeat
I slowly slip away
The reaper one
My life is done
When I shed my blood today

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

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