Friday, June 17, 2011


I love the way you look at me
and the way you kiss my hand
or how you can look past the anger
and still love me when I’m mad

i love to feel how perfect we fit
within each others arms
and to know you care enough
to allow me into your heart

i love how you can spark a smile
even through the tears
and how we can speak of love
with a glance ... so no one hears

i love to wrap my naked flesh
around the warmth of your skin
as you entrust me with the stories
of where your life has been

i love the happiness i found with you
and how it makes me feel alive
finally after all these years
i found someone worth the fight

i love the way your lips feel
gently pressed against mine
and honored i am to be the one
that your heart would find

i love to hear your voice and thoughts
and the intelligence you portray
i couldn’t ask for anything more
than what i have today

i love how you don’t give up
even when it hurts
and the faith you have in us
to try and make it work

i love the simplicity of our love
and to feel it everyday
it's all i need to keep me going
to know you feel the same

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell





  1. Beautiful and inspirational words.: )

  2. Definitely belongs on a wedding anniversary card. Shop it to Hallmark!

  3. I love the heartfelt, uncomplicated feelings of love and faith in in this poem. It's enviable to feel this way about another. Thank you for sharing!

  4. nice...this feels of a very authentic love...and long felt as well for one that adds so much to your life...i like it...

  5. Thank you everyone!! .. I should hit up hallmark with sum of these poems haha .. Love can be such an inspiring yet humbling topic to right about. It can create a feeling like no other or it can make you feel at your emptyist. (ya i probably mis-spelled or invented that word haha) .. Thanx again!!

  6. Such a beautifully tender love poem.

  7. Angel...this is fantastic! Honesty and truth...can be hard to write like this...I seldom write of love unless we're talking universal scale...somehow easier for me to handle! i definitely think you should hit up hallmark

  8. Just love to love, wonderful verse and feeling to it.

  9. I love poems like this. I really do. Picking out traits, characteristics, nuances and the smallest subtleties in whatever and expounding upon each as if each becomes the most important thing in the world for you. Wonderful job here. Thanks

  10. Would that we all could find such a love! Tender words.

  11. Makes me sigh, with relief, to read proof of constant love.

  12. So soft, heart felt and emotional words.. of love... Lovely, Angel I could feel all the warmth that you have in your heart...
    Thanks for sharing your glowing heart...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  13. ..a very inspired write full of sincerity and honesty.. i’m lucky to have read it, thanks!

    Good day.


  14. sweet and the strong love is felt here!