Wednesday, December 3, 2014


A midst the worlds most troubling times 
Inadequate resources dwindle with each lit sky
Crafty are the victors with greed in their eyes
Tampered are the simple souls who fear to flee or fight

Perishable riches shrink wrapped in years once told
View-able thru the grudges that society still holds
Endangered future can become or break this impervious mold
As corruption vows to redeem your soul

Super-sized this televised subscription to disaster
A marketing trend qualified to impose lies
of  "happily ever ever after"
Guarded by the notion that you can not impeach laughter 
Because in my eyes, your world of hate does not matter

Rigid philosophy disguised in a sympathetic speech
Laid out for society to digest as they please
High priced puppets on minimum wage strings
A world now accepting the creed of backstabbing beliefs

Copyright (C) 2014 Angel Campbell 

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