Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Shattered embers of the human race
the arms that protect
resemble broken shame
riddled by intolerance
it's a popular game
a tactical diversion
of what's really at 

Broken bruised yet beating hearts
decipher pieces of love
a dirty game with broken parts
resist the damage done
It's how much you give
and how much you take
that can make a soul go

No mold could vow to constrain this soul
focus on the flesh 
not materialistic holds
embrace the presence of your heart
before time lets go
Tomorrow can't promise
you'll still be here to

Crooked fairy tales expose the A-list team
avoid the eyes that cast lies
devised political scheme
the vote you cast divides
your views against me
behind closed doors sits a
crooked smile of

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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