Thursday, September 11, 2014


Crouched into the
Desolate corners of humanity
Where flesh is percieved 
Wrong, and flashy apparel
Covers the animals
We really are

Drug unwillingly into
Socities conforming ways
Where money holds more 
Value than the soul
Beneath the vast 
Layers of tissue

Clenching the one heart
Who pushes you away
Where the truth is concluded
Only in the eye
Of the accuser

Swallowing flammable lies
Served by decietful friends
Where harmony to them
Is the blissful pain
Of another

Escaping into seclusion
Deep within a tormented mind
Where silence in itself
Can soothe, yet,
Drive a person
To madness

Sinking faster into
Life’s void of non-existence
Where my only friend
Is the voice within
My minds walls

By: Angel Campbell 

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