Thursday, March 27, 2014


Served my heart on a platter, a value that is never free
priced this soul, it has to go, when your love becomes my disease

Wounds you stitch with your broken promised words
depict the uncertainty of either your or my worth

Striped down the layers of socialized standards to find you beneath
the rubble can weigh you down or impose even greater dreams

Create a reflection that gives you the strength to smile
as the continuous chaos of the world revolves away in denial

Randomly our souls would meet on unfamiliar streets
where time seemed to stand still but last no more than a blink

The only thing that's certain is nothing's certain at all
Built on your own desires to either build or break those walls

I have not found a single regret in these "SINS" I have met
your guide to life is not my size and your rules I don't get

Tomorrow awaits my next move to continue or fall astray
Luckily I don't give up and failure doesn't mean a thing

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell