Thursday, May 1, 2014


Battles today are fought with 
       drama filled status updates
  brought to you by the intolerance 
society openly praises
Hateful words embedded into 
a screen now re-constructed
  in the low self-esteems we hand out on the daily.

How useful are those browsers 
that capitalize on our need to know "what's trending" 
in a world obsessed with what's popular
A virtual world where boyfriends are designed, 
egos are inflated and connections are made a million miles away 
by real, or not so real people.

Technology can be the most useful 
yet damaging tool we create
  absorb the knowledge and not the obsession
Experience the ability to share who you are
  by a concept so easy as: click, post, share.

Exhausted are the buttons that 
so easily share your life
  no filter exists when you can hide behind a screen
Watching everyone, one by one, become zombified
 in a virtual world, with virtual love and virtual dreams.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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