Monday, March 10, 2014

The Road Between Two Hearts

Unfolded are the memories that minutes can not duplicate
Retraced are those desires that a heart can not fabricate

Can the voice of reason lead to the same dream as hope?
And can those dreams come as easy as the ones you let go?

The cowardly find it feasible to drain your strength
A lesson that these eyes of have seen and will not play

Blind to the tribulations of tomorrows disasters
But it's that uncertainty and adventure, that I am after

A heart can only break so much before the cracks no longer care
Before you finally realize and accept those things you can not repair

Cataloged are the moments you either accept or deny
Will your story reflect those achievements, or a wish-list of whys?

It's an emotional conquest disrupted by the road between two hearts
Those chances in life you either embrace, or let fall apart

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Never give up ... never fall apart, as there is nobody to put you together again ... stay strong, sweets :) Love, cat.