Monday, September 3, 2012


Viewing refelctions in the mirror don't seem to represent who I really am inside ... glancing at pieces to a puzzle that just don't seem to fit ... eyes becoming gateways into someone you only get to meet if I let you ... a language that comprehends the pasts rebirth ...
That is me

Observing misguidance from a socity determined to market slaves ... questions that make you second guess the path you choose to walk ... I watch deception take it's toll on the hearts of good men ... while greed climbs faster up the food chain ... 
That is society

Revived a heart that could not shed a beat ... your non-judgemental arms accepted me for who I am ... and not who others try to mold me to be ... that someone who has given me a reason to pursue a future ... and has reminded me how to once again love ... 
That is you

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell