Friday, September 7, 2012

Ripped from the pages of my own restless heart
Bleed sketches through a journey of the light and the dark
Tales of a soul wrapped in the arms of pleasure and pain
Where visions are endless in the roles that we play
Drastically your outcome becomes all to clear
The distinct notion of certainty has disappeared
Your knowledge now challenged to decipher your thoughts
In this equation where the elements are your building blocks
Worn thin is the skin that this flesh lye's within
When you fight the uncertainty of starting over again
A world full of faces just trying to belong
Before individuality is finally outlawed and gone
Coercively I've stumbled upon a path I have not yet made
A world that seems smaller with the passing of days
It takes a lot of confidence to guide these feet
Because the miles are endless when following a dream
Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. I followed u on My Space just to read ur poems n now I found u on FB n here I am reading em again! I can feel every single poem u write!!! Keep writing em Angel they inspire us all.

  2. Thats so aweum and I'm glad you were able to catch up with me again!1 :)

  3. Wonderful work. Fresh & fascinating.