Friday, August 31, 2012


Sew up the wounds
Patch up the scars
To leave not a trace
Of this relationship of ours

Hit after hit
She takes with a scream
For when she was a little girl
This was not her future dream

But this man she loves
So she takes his every hit
Lost in a world of pain
To him she does submit

As the hits get harder
And the bruises get darker
She feels the love for him
No longer

She loves only the blade
That lye’s upon her wrist
No pain, she slowly sighs
As the blood begins to drip

Each droplet contains
The pain she did suffer
For no reason at all
At the hands of her lover

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. i would love to have read it, but the color combination is next to impossible for color blind people to read.

  2. haha never even thought of that .. what if you higlight the words by selecting them?

  3. ... never surrender your life for any demons ... they are not worth to be fed with our blood.