Friday, August 10, 2012

My Hero

As I glimpse into my past
A tattered piece of this soul's path
I knew that one thing would always last
Our families strength to always come back

I've watched My Hero carry the weight
Of 3 kids .. Through 3 decades
Who lost her heart twice ... and bared heartache
And through many tears fought back the hate

The biggest heart and warmest smile
And memories that reach back so many miles
I've learned that love is not about fashion or style
But a purpose to make living, worth while

My Hero works harder than most people I know
To provide for her family, herself and home
Privileged I am to watch her beauty grow
And become the best Mom, I've ever known!

Dedicated to Leilani Campbell

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. Wow..awesome poem Angel are a great poet and a great daughter..too..

  2. Oh, boy, this is a a superb piece ... you are so lucky in many ways ... and so is she :) Love, cat.