Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mimicking Murder

A   nother Army  Afiliate Assassinated
B   y Brutal Bombs Burning Beneath
C   oncrete ...  Created Contemporary Containment
D   epartments Designed Distinctly
E   nabling Endangerment ...
F   oreign Fragments From Fallen
G   unfire  Gutting Guys ...
H   elp!! ... Horror Hunkers Hastily ...
I     nside Information Intended
J    ustifying
K   illing ...
L   eaders Leading Lost Lieutenants Leaving
M  en Mounted Mirages Mimicking Murder ...
N   arcissists Neglecting
O   bvious Other Options ...
P   owder Pulses Prolific Pain ...
Q   ualifying
R   ecruitment Realities Retribution
S   ickly Subjecting Soldiers
T   o Terrifying Thoughts To Tears ...
U   njustifiable
V   et's Values Varied
W   hen Winning War Was
X   pected ...
Y   our Youth Yell

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. LOVED this! Fierce write...and the play with the alphabet...wicked! (Yes...I am geek and I am proud) Your poetry has evolved in leaps and bounds, Ms. Poet!

  2. An Abecedarian huh? - I did something similar here:

    Although I just started each new line with the next letter of the alphabet. I been meaning to write another one for a long time now.

  3. I agree with Tash - great play with alphabet - this has a lovely flow - the words roll along in an interesting rhythm too

  4. Testing 1,2,3! - A,B,C... you make it look easy! that neon Green whips out a wicked fluorescence... how did you resist ZZ top - lol - nice one Angel! all the best :D

  5. hahaha .. thanx everyone .. i try to keep not only the text of my writings creativly evolving but also the structural visual that comes into play. I finally feel like my writers block has somewhat lifted. I really am proud of this piece though .. I appreciate everyone so much for takin the time to read and comment on my work .. Its the reason I keep writing .. THANK YOU!! :)

  6. An ingenious way of handling the language/
    Throws me into a whirlpool of lights/
    Yet a laser beam hits something that must not be forgotten/
    That crosses directly to my mind/
    A poem beautifully done/
    Thank you

  7. Excellent work ... glad your writer's block is over as well ... I'm a fan of yours for good. Love, cat.

  8. i need some of the water your drinkin or what ever drives the amount of creativity you have. That floored me...and that is not easy to make me feel something that much.

  9. thats a great compliment Mark .. I really appreciate you takin the time to read my work :)