Thursday, May 17, 2012


IDK  what my heart would say
If I emptied it in your hands
IDK if tomorrows the day
That I finally take a chance

IDK how rare it is
To find a diamond in the rough
IDK that just a piece of you
Will ever be enough

IDK where the breeze must blow
But I'm sure I shared one with you
IDK why life stands still
Everytime that you are in view

IDK if you see this soul
Between the faces in the crowd
IDK if you can feel my thoughts
In a world that is so loud

IDK what life is like
Outside these worn-out shoes
IDK if the path I'm on
Was the right path to choose

IDK if I'll find myself
In this jungle you call life
IDK if I'll ever learn
But at least I know I tried

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 


  1. if you want to know what its like outside those shoes, take them is best any way...smiles...

    makes me think of that song that is popular now...ttyl xox...i think is the name

  2. ... you are a diamond in the rough, Angel ... Love, cat.

  3. Thank you kindly Brian and Cat!! .. I wanna be barefoot on the beach haha .. and thank you for the compliment Cat .. I hope you both have a great weekend!! :)

  4. Wow, impressive! Maybe you'd like to stop by my blog @: It may be up your alley. Thank you for sharing! V/r, P.M.

  5. I really love the flow of this poem. It is almost like a melody, as you read each line, it bounces nicely. I love the emotion and love that you have put into the words. A masterpiece of literature Angel! I love it! Thanks for sharing! : ) Much Love Paul OXOXOXOXO

  6. I really liked your poem.

  7. Thanks for the tweet that led me here. Your poem expresses much wondering and doubt and I'm sure many people can relate to it. I know I did. I agree with an earlier comment about it's melodic nature and can easily see these words as lyrics in a song. Thanks for sharing your poem and look forward to reading more from you.