Monday, May 21, 2012


From paycheck to paycheck
Our family got by
Recycled through the chaos
Of our childhood life

Behind the bars my father stood
My mom drank away her tears
Every night I felt her sadness
For many, many years

Regardless of the past
You're now our sober mother
We may not have had much in life
But we always had each other

Street smart and Trouble some
As siblings, we helped each other grow
Protective of our differences
That fuels this families soul

Fallen spirits guide our light
Embracing our emotions
Dad, Jon. Grandma and Tony
Are a few heartfelt mentions

Not lucky enough for luxury
Just a life full of clutter
The best things in life are truly free
When you have each other

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

1 comment:

  1. Your such a darling I just want to reach out and hug your beautiful truths the best of poetry is from our blood being our known our truths always beez x