Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gluttony stands but an arms length away regulated
in a line of happy meals and soda pop that for 99
cents your 64 oz cup can produce happiness in the
form of cavities, and yes I did say "soda pop" for
those who say "soda" and those who say "pop"
                                              - Politically Correct

A world littered in advertisement enticing the
masses to buy their products at "Lower Prices"
and  "Better Service" that you have penned upon
your life's checklist. A market based on the
principles of frugal promises and poorly
manufactured goods that no one really needs but
hey if  Chistina  Aguilara has one, we all must need one.
                                              - Popularity Contest

Scornfully, these screaming faces that burn with
the dullness of there everyday life stop by my place
of work to infract upon minutes that I can never
get back to tolerate each others presence for those
30 seconds of "Is that all" and " Thank you, come
again", Only to be ridiculed for the price being to
high as if I make the rules.
                                              - That's Life

Countless variables distract the path that is still
not built. Tolerating the passing days as if slow
motion has us caught up in a matrix of dreams.
Tomorrow can only be built on the foundation
you lay today.
                                              - Remember That

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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