Friday, May 4, 2012

"I Challenge You"

I challenge you to stop and view
Instead of stumbling over tomorrow
Waste your minutes on those you love
Because time you can not borrow

I challenge you to embrace the breeze
And thank nature for her care
We've milked her resources and disrupted her home
In a way we can not repair

I challenge you to stop and help
Instead of ignoring this disease
Gluttony has devoured your helping hand
When your only concern is "Me"

I challenge you to speak your heart
Because absence truly feels like forever
You may not get that second chance
To thank them for making your life better

I challenge you to indulge in happiness
Even at the risk of being different
Forget the cliches and standards of life
In this world obsessed by judgement

I challenge you to exercise your right
To express your individuality
Remember to make each minute count
As life serenades your souls melody

I challenge you to create a path
Designed by the values of your needs
Tripping through life's hardships
Is the only way to succeed

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. a lovely inspirational piece of chanting poetry flowing im sure into all. heartfelt stuff angel x beez

  2. nice...i really like the challenge you is to really live you know....nicely written as well...feel like its been a while since i was over here....happy saturday!

  3. Time waits for no one ...

  4. This is so fitting against the poem I wrote today, soon, I turn fifty, and you start to think about what is most important in life. I accept your challenge. Every word of it. :)