Thursday, April 5, 2012


Stumbling over a foolish heart
I find myself alone
These tears that seem to never cease
have puddled down below

The tears fall not from saddened eyes
but emerge from within this soul
So many choices have led me straight
down a dead end road

Ridiculed by the force of love
It's laughing in my face
Reality vows to distract my plans
and watch me lose this race

A place for me I can not find
within these dreams I chase
I never know if here or there
is the path I'm suppose to take

Life has not quite finished the song
that drives this foolish heart
a melody heard within rhythmic veins
depicts the shine of a star

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. smiling .... I love this poem :) It's so beautiful...

    I know that foolish heart ... it's mine :)

  2. Thank you Robert for reading my work and takin the time to respond. We have all felt the distinct degrees of a foolish heart.