Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stained with Memories

Sometimes it's hard to say you're sorry at the
time when emotions are so high and pride blinds
ones eyes / Rep remanded for a past you can not
change / Submerged in the boundaries that cage
you in like an animal / Fluorescent walls and doors
that have become your prison are noticeably
stained with the memories of happier days

For a second you find courage and embrace the
wings of freedom / FREEDOM / Do you even
remember what freedom feels like? / Hands that
without force has silenced your voice to choose
or be heard / A once euphoric love has dwindled
into a battle to break the emotional chains of
abuse / And yet, your courage lasts only for that
one second.

Bombarded by the consistently flowing calls and
texts pleading for your forgiveness one minute
than sending you on the guilt trip roller coaster the
next minute / Within the sickening display of " I
Love Yous" / Will you bare the penalties to an
unhealthy relationship for the sake of what
"society" deems right / Or do you choose to fight!

No more tears to soak a saddened soul
No more hateful words that selfishly flow
Love is not a battle who's wrong or who's right
Love is a connection you don't find often in life

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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