Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lethal Dose of Love

Today my only addiction is you
Did you ever imagine the obstacles
We'd over-come to make it thru?

In your eyes I see better days
Like a high a soul must crave
Inhaling the love you can't escape

Lost track of myself and who I am
By putting 110% into this elaborate plan
Of building a future with this man

Experience a Lethal Dose of Love
Hearts that never seem to take enough
And see how foolish one becomes

Support my dreams don't push me away
In a world where it's so easy to replace
The subtle comfort of ones embrace

I've picked my poison and that is you
Your very essence I wish to consume
And feel my skin all over you

A high that dealers can't provide
The love we share between these eyes
Is the drug I crave every night

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. So perfectly said. Thank yu so much, if I could ever repay yu I would, however it seems out of sight. This means so much. Sending so much love & positive energy yur way. Blessed Be!

  2. You're so very welcome!! .. I hope it fits how you feel .. I could never know exactly but I do know where you are coming from .. Take Care :)

  3. I missed you, Angel ... never get any updates from your site ... please don't be a stranger, eh? ... Love, cat. (