Saturday, January 7, 2012


society’s problems
grow each and everyday
not sure whether
we like our stay
so much violence
from children’s hands
cutting short a life
just because they can
not happy with themselves
with family or friends
taking so many lives with them
straight to the end
no problems solved
just more created
they act on impulse
and take it out on everything they hated
so many suffer
so many tears
today the violence
is one of our biggest fears
no city to small
no country to big
hatred and violence
infecting everywhere we live
bullets flying
hitting everyone in site
 nobody’s safe
when the devil takes flight
so sad to see our youth breakdown
so unaware of the rage
no longer safe at school these days
nope, just another battle cage
such impressionable minds
but dangerous all the same
it’s to late to say your sorry
but nobody wins a losers game
no respect for life today
just find a gun and blow away
all who stand in your way
innocent lives were stolen
and the gunmen are the thieves
but there is no justice we can seek
our hearts go out
to the survivors and families stay strong
we all know how hard
losing a loved one can be
tear stained faces
and empty hearts
such selfish behavior
ripping families apart
tears we’ve cried for fallen friends
lets try and stop the violence,
before it begins.

*I wrote this after Columbine happened.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

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  1. A stark depiction of the epidemic of violence that plagues the world.