Monday, August 1, 2011


A    merica denies our civil rights

B    rainwashing our youth to think that it’s right

C    owardly judges punish our people

   oes this sound as if we are equal?

E    veryday the innocent suffer

F    rom officials who only make life rougher

   rounded to this dying womb

H    ate and violence…we have consumed

I     njustice acts are hidden away

J    ealousy is filled with regretful mistakes

K    eep away from politics

L    owest are the ones who dig

M    oney makes the world go round

   eedy families are left to drown

   pen doors for those with cash

   aychecks never seem to last

Q    uietly they change the rules

R    eason enough to hate these fools

   ociety take your freedom back

T    oday’s leaders will attack

U    nreliable governments plan

   iolence erupts because it can

W   e have spoken but you don’t listen

X    -pecting us to live with lies you’ve given

Y    et another year has past

   umthing tells me, we wont last

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Very Nice. This is Great. Glad to see there are writers and poets out their keep these thoughts in their mind...I am one as well. If you have a moment check out this Poem that I wrote that is along the same lines. I have shared this poem to Twitter for you. Great job.

  2. Thanx Randy!! .. I love to write about all aspects of life. I love to learn. I will defiently check out your poem! .. Thanx again!!