Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Shredding vocals pierce the mic
Feeding ambitious youth tonight

Heads banging clouded eyes
Vulgar obscenities is what we like

The guitar solos ring throughout
This, to us, is what life’s about

Ripping trough our mental cage
Riffs that pour from the stage

Our bodies tremble absorbing the bass
Now moshers mosh, at a faster pace

A drummers rampage fills our ears
Cymbals crashing over the cheers

Music nourishes the hearts treble
Begging for the voice of metal

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. oh yeah...love me some metal...used to be big in the concert scene when younger but still bang it out in the car...smiles

    you should link in today at 3 pm EST for OpenLinkNight at dversepoets.com

  2. thats awesome!! ... Do I have to post it at 3?? .. The whole 3 o'clock thing is throwing me off cuz im usually at work or in between jobs at that time. Will have to look into how that site works .. Thanx Brian!!

  3. ok, the photo is going to give me nightmares tonight! the poem however, is great! I felt like I was in the pit with you all. now, this thirty something year old housewife-mama needs to go take her anxiety pill because of it - lol.

    brian's right - you should come by dversepoets.com and link up one of your poems. You'll meet a ton of awesome poets. You don't have to link at 3pm - that is just when people can start linking their poems. the linky thing is there until midnight wednesday night so you have like (let me do my math...........................................................) 33 hours to stop by. Hope you are having a great week, Angel :)