Friday, July 29, 2011


They serve only to eliminate
Those who receive a higher rate
No warning or way to compensate
For the stress your soul will take

Time will soon help to recover
From this pain just like the other
But now your heart is going to suffer
And crave the arms of your lover

It takes a lot to survive
And not give-up on this life
Through these downs we must fight
To make it through another night

Injustice acts…we’re victimized
Screwed over by the corporate rise
They do not care or sympathize
Because they see life through different eyes

Appalled by how easy it is to steal
And how many lies you must conceal
To accommodate for a better deal
Damaging a life…how does it feel?

Money crunchers could care less
About the souls they leave a mess
But knowing that they’ve lost there best
Will kill their business when you’ve left

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

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