Thursday, July 14, 2011


I’m done with a world full of excuses
Who volunteers your pain
We won’t win cause everyone loses
In this fucked-up game

I’m done with selfish unconcerned pricks
That trample down my life
Or how many times the truth conflicts
In a world that only lies

I’m done climbing the corporate ladder
Just to fall again
Who are you?…it doesn’t matter
Or where you have been

I’m fed-up with life’s redundancy
And feeling like a slave
A life succumb to pains potency
That I don’t plan to save

I’m fed-up with feeling alone
In a world that is fake
Maybe it’s better to be alone
When they’re just compelled to take

I’m fed up with the tears I’ve spent
On those who do not care
And wasting all those tears that meant
Nothing!…and that’s not fair

I’m done being forced to digest your shit
And living in discomfort
A society to proud to ever admit
That it drives to suffer

I’m done looking forward to my future
Because life only gets worse
Depression spreads just like a cancer
Affecting your heart first

Struggling thru lifes constant disaster
A lost soul on the run
Who am I? … It doesn’t matter
My demons finally won

 Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Angel! You've been on a fierce roll lately! And this one is no different. While their is anger behind your words, there is truth, passion, and perhaps acceptance. We are a species born to self-destruct, and take any unsuspecting souls too close right down with us. I suspect when you sit behind that drum kit, you get to experience a bit of an escape from that...or at least get to envision slamming the heads of the folks who have caused this rant with those flying stix! You always! :)

  2. Wow Angel ...drum it out ..pain sucks ..and most of what you said is so true...sad but true..wish i could give you a lift up ..but the pain gave you a beautiful poem..for all the people out here who need to know someone else is going through it too..thank you for this...Angel..that you are!

  3. Now people say I have a penchant for anger and despair, so I may be bias under that “disclosure,” still I like this piece. I will say that in the 3 stanzas that you use “I’m fed up,” you should think about using “I’m done” just for pacing purposes. And, if this is to be put to music – as I suspect – then sell the hook throughout. Very well done. RS

  4. Thanx everyone for your personal insight into my poem. I had a guy tell me today that my poem was demonic?? .. How can emotions such as depression and anger be demonic?? I write from both the light and dark side of life. Being a manic depressive I will always struggle with deppression but am at peace more than I use to be. Alot of what I post are older poems that do not neccessarily reflect my standings today but I do not want to hide them cause I know somewhere someone can relate to my work. I find painful poetry beautiful because it allows release. Thanx again for your wonderful comments and checking out my work. You guys make posting my poetry worth it!!!

  5. My gatha response to "I’M DONE"

    Anger fills my mind
    Your stink is strong
    Leave me alone
    Fall to my knees
    Wounded for being
    Darkness consumes me
    A spark of light
    It still exist deep
    Somewhere a butterfly floats

    Some relevance here: Kingdom is already here...