Friday, July 15, 2011


we never take the time
to look at who were are
blind to ourselves
another burnt out star
always trying to avoid
who we once were
cant live in the past
many changes do occur
money’s just a vice
to limit who we are
but if you don’t have the will
you wont get very far

these are the thoughts
that crowd my mind
leaving me to wonder
who we really are inside
crowded mind
were reason’s just so hard to find
if you cant keep up
than your just left behind
all these decisions to make
but which is right
I guess the jokes on me
in this fucking game of life

you’ll never have my heart
you’ll never have my soul
you’ll never really have
complete control
we pay to live
so what’s our crime
just taken advantage of
time after time
who can you trust? … is it ever complete?
who will trust you
when the stakes are so steep

death is our closest friend
he’s always by your side
patiently waiting, because
death is so untimed
so many thoughts to ponder
the truth I hope to find
would you like to join me
inside my crowded mind?

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


1 comment:

  1. My gatha response to "CROWDED MIND"

    The hornets nest, hectic
    Ants scurrying about
    Flies swarm death
    Mold consumes fruit.
    Watch the frog
    It sits on the lily pad
    Just still, quiet, being
    A rose's fragrance, noticed