Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The adults who live today
Are what we become
Viewing eyes develop through
What mommy and daddy have done

For some it’s not so bad
A perfect life so to say
But sheltered as they often are
Naive to the worlds ways

Others have to fight
To avoid raging fists
A bruised mother watches
As her child takes the hits

Many girls suffer
From the hands of twisted men
Who enjoy there compulsion
Of manipulating them

So don’t be surprised
If the son beats his wife
Or if the girl makes her money
Working the streets at night

We become what we see
As you see what we become
We are tomorrows yesterday
Living through what you begun

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell



  1. How sad, and so very true. I particularly liked the last stanza - it said it all. Another well penned poem! Thank you. Dave

  2. Thanx Dave!! .. We are defiently products of our enviroment which in any case could be good or bad. I really apprecaite you checkin out my work!!


  3. Many believe we can just flick a switch and turn off or on the bad in our life but unfortunately our community or area of influence has a profound effect on us and how we act. From birth and as a young child we have an innocence about us but over time with the conditioning of our society we lose that innocence.

    It is tragic how easy it is today for our young to be consumed by a commercial (broadly speaking) society.