Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Powdered mirrors
Bloodshot eyes
Forget all the pain
Take another line

Night after night
Another wasted day
Caught up in a lifestyle
Slowly eating you away

Trying to occupy
Empty time
Determinations lost
In a decomposing mind

Energy overload
Now the destruction is done
Crawling through another night
Still chasing the sun

Fading with friends
Day after day
They are the only people
Who understand my pain

They’re just like me
Another victim to be
Hanging on to that thread
Of sanity

When you reach the end
You’ve only begun
That same old soul
Still chasing the sun.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell



  1. Thanx Kodjo!! =) .. I really appreciate you checkin out my poem!!

  2. I like this, although the frustration of forever chasing the sun leaves me with a sad feeling. You've captured the insanity and a bit of that desperate feeling well in this.