Monday, July 25, 2011

             BEAUTIFULLY    FLAWED

Welcome to a world where perfection is
attainted thru acceptance into an elite social
class. A world where  glamour and expensive
attire blanket the wealthy. The so called
“Beautiful People”. The same world that
shuns deformity’s, ridiculous the eccentric
and fear’s  life’s elaborate plan to birth differences.

People’s intolerable ways of restrictions
is just another way individuals are robbed
Stripped of what makes us who we are
in a world of beautiful flaws

Scars that bind heart to flesh is a trait of
humankind.  The flesh recite’s a story of
beautiful hate that has been recycled thru
the generations. Judgment defeats the
ability to open up ones eyes. We were all
once dirt till we first breathed life.

Crassly over-looked the simple and the weak
It’s a vicious circle we can’t seem to stop
Witness how they encourage their disgust
directed towards us … the beautifully flawed

For me, beauty is abrasive tattoo’s and
poorly painted  fingernails of black and blue.
The color’s of my soul. The integrity of being
wrong .. or ugly .. or different .. w/o the fear
or  care of being judged. For me, beauty is art
in the form of loud music containing vulgar
lyrics and  poetry that reflects the struggles of life.

Re-focus the eyes you once used to view
In an existence where you only get one shot
Proud to be encircled by the flesh you see
because like YOU .. I AM beautifully flawed

Copyright © Angel Campbell


  1. That you chose a narrative form of poetry, I find interesting and different. I also find this to be a courageous poem, going beyong the usual concept of beauty, and finding and revealing to us your concept of beauty in the flawed. I see that, and understand it because we are often loved for our flaws. And love sees the beauty in flaw. Original, daring, and brave. Thank you for sharing!

  2. this is a wonderful essay! I love it!

  3. Thank you both for reading!! .. It was inspired by a friend. I really like how it turned out. Thanx again!!