Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(Angel Campbell)

To remember not to forget
The day when lovers eyes first met

Cherished moments of a baby's birth
Reminds you what the pain is worth

Memories captured…frozen in time
Allows reminiscing within the mind

Photos of lifes accomplishments
Today’s tomorrows remembrance

(John Guerra)

As time moves on, memories fade
Pictures are a visual aide

Carrying on a loved ones presence
Holding to the very essence

A special pet, an honored friend
Each memory will transcend

An old house, a favorite car
Helps to remind us who we are

Whether the camera is mine of yours
A picture is worth a thousand words

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell & John Guerra

1 comment:

  1. today's tomorrow's rememberance...that feels good to say...smiles. yes make the most of today, we choose how to invest it...