Friday, June 3, 2011



What do you when all you feel is lost?
And those bridges keep getting harder to cross

What do you do when all your ups are downs?
And even the happiest thoughts only bring a frown

What do you do when you feel alone?
And change devours all you’ve known

What do you do on a one-way street?
Turn around and claim defeat?

What do you do when you’ve got nothing to lose?
Do you take advantage of the rules?

What do you do with a heart that’s broken?
And the years of love, life has stolen

What do you do when people steal your pride?
Doesn’t it seem like everyone’s got something to hide?

Why do you do with a weakened soul?
Sadness is not something you can control

What do you do when you feel like giving up?
And the path of life becomes to rough

What do you do when you no longer care?
About a life you can not repair

What do you do when you lost your way?
And gave up hope on being saved

Do you think that things will change?
And erase the pain of yesterday

Many concerns I have wrote
But don't give up on the voice of hope

Copyright (C) Angel Campbel


  1. What do you do? You write about it, because somewhere out there is someone who feels the same, and you realize you're not alone. If this is from your own heart, chin up, brighter days are around the corner.

  2. Exactly!! .. I write to help others cope with things many people can relate to .. no one is ever alone on the journey that is life. .. Thanx again Caren!

  3. At times we all face poignant questions- some such as these- we must realize that there is purpose for our lives and in that lay most of the answers... Perhaps part of your purpose is to share with others your verses and creativity - thank you for sharing~ Jules

  4. Never give up sister! Nice work

  5. hope... hope that never eludes ....

  6. Love it... You writing is amazing Angel...