Thursday, June 2, 2011


Can you tolerate persecution for the choices you have made?
And still hold your head up high and never place a blame?

Can you conceal the mockery that differences will apply?
And become that bigger person that because of pride, we hide?

Can you look beyond the curtains that hold true reflections?
The masks people hide behind because they’ve lost direction

Can your heart still manage through scars that penetrate?
And will that love be as strong as it was yesterday?

Can you trust in promises that only benefit another?
Using charm as a tool to help deceive his brothers

Can you turn the other cheek and pretend it doesn’t hurt?
Fumbling in their ignorance is what they really deserve

Can you open up your mind to a world that’s not the same?
And finally accept the fact that things are going to change?

Can you see the beauty that is hidden in us all?
Or do you view life behind the cracks in the wall?

Can you over-come the battles that have only weighed you down?
Or will you become another victim that doesn’t make a sound?

Can you become the stronger one when life spits in your eye?
Or will you be the weaker one that conforms to the other side?

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. POWERFUL write! We hide behind so very many things, to step behind the veil and acknowledge our true selves, can be a very difficult thing to do. I see my daughter being beaten down constantly when she expresses the self that society in general is not comfortable with, and I hope every time I see it, that I have somehow convinced her to be strong enough not to give in or give up. Okay...going a little long winded now! I'll save some for the next one! Bottom line...awesome write! :)

  2. Angel, thanks for shooting me the tweet. This a really good poem. The piece has excellent flow, good rhyme scheme, and holds true to the scheme used throughout, carries the reader through the piece with series of questions in rapid succession. I absolutely love how you never outright answered the questions, instead you asked the questions in two ways- leaving your take but leaving it up for the reader to answer for themselves. See you're into music too-this could have the makings for a nice hardcore track, provided the singer can sustain the longer of the lines, but anyhow-thanks again really good stuff:)

  3. Thanx Natasha and Fred!! .. I put my all into my poetry and it means so much to have others not only read my work but can relate to it as well. It makes writing worth every tear I've had to shed in lifes process.

    I love to make people think .. second guess .. look in between the lines .. not be so flippin blind to themselves and others. I really wanted people to look inside with this poem.

    Thanx again!! .. Natasha, tell your daughter she is perfect just the way she is!!

  4. Can't help but love your stuff Angel so thoughtful and well make me think ...and ponder... wonderful write ..

  5. You see the changes in everything around you and in yourself. It is a brave thing to do in these times. Some keep their heads down their entire life. To lift your head and say these words shows a kind of courage, and means a lot.


  6. You are an awesome poet, Angel! I don't think there's ever been one I didn't like :-)

  7. Thanx Steve, CoyoteSings and Lucas!! .. I always appreciate the responses I get for my poetry. One of my main ambitions, when it comes to writing, is making people think, realize and understand those things they might over-look. My poetry is naked to the world because I am open to writing about everything. ... Thanx again everyone!! =)