Tuesday, May 31, 2011




What you say
Will ricochet
And end up hurting you
Toughened skin
Won’t let you in
Bullets on the loose

Left these holes
Insides exposed
But stronger, now I am
Pay the price
Roll the dice
Are you now a man?

Chambered words
Fired and heard
Tears begin to fall
Nothings easy
Barrel sees me
What have you solved?

Been shot down
Shattered sound
On my feet again
I’ll take the pain
But you remain
A cry within the wind

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Ouch. Very powerful poem. I like the pattern, almost like a machine gun firing.

  2. sometimes the hit a heart takes can feel as powerful as a gun .. thanx Caren

  3. Toughened skin
    Won’t let you in..love your words Angel..babe you are awesome..

  4. Pain has a way of toughening us. Interesting rhyme and near rhyme you play with here. Thanks for sharing.