Monday, May 30, 2011



They fought with honor
And the up most pride
Crosses for their bravery
Stand row by row in white

Walking into battle
Determination in hand
Wiping out each piece of life
Throughout the foreign land

Fighting for our freedom
They bared their very souls
Nights of rain and constant fear
As their minds lose control

Unknown enemies
They carefully hunt
To return home with both legs
Is absolute luck

Guns in hand
Bullets by your side
Its because of war
So many die

Fathers, sons and lovers
Gone without a blink
If war is the cure for troubles
This world is bound to sink

Entitled by the government
Promises never kept
Empty hands and battle scars
Is all that they have left

Does killing prove a point?
Besides how barbaric we can get
For this was once life
For a Vietnam Vet

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell





  1. Incredible job on this poem & you're fearless with your writing! Very thought-provoking in many ways.
    One of my favorite lines in this poem is "Fathers, sons and lovers
    Gone without a blink" Brings such a deep human quality to those who have fought for us which helps me remember them for who they really are.
    This struck my heart as my own husband has served in Iraq himself. I know it has forever changed him.
    I appreciate your talent and sharing your words to help me remember, more vividly, our soldiers.

  2. Thanx for taking the time to read and comment on my poetry!! .. Luckily my grandpa came home from pearl harbor but I feel for the families who lose loved ones to war. I Support Only our soliders and not the war. Thanx again!!

  3. You said what must be said so powerfully. I admire your poetic talent. I read the poem a number of times and want to read it again, and again.