Sunday, May 29, 2011




why does it hurt so much to care?
why do I care so much it hurts?
          sinister words of hollow value portrayed in anger
          irrational emotional discharge depicts a world
          of inexcusable behavior
          a sour flavor

distress caused by insecurities and jealousy
by eyes that can't hind mistrust and misused energy
a lovers mockery
          regardless of constant reassurance one can only
          prove so much ...hearts lock out those willing to
          love, escaping another causality of innocent lust
          it's what fear does

why does it hurt so much to love?
why do we love so much it hurts?
          romance is only found in fairy tales a world of
          happily ever afters...expectations of a life
          most can't provide, just another empty chapter
          pages of tears and laughter

after years of abuse, broken hearts forget
how to mend...where the thought of love
makes you cry and prefers to just be a friend
a souls descend
          arrogance allows room for mistakes which you
          can't take back...don't assume that all lovers
          follow down the same ideal path
          disappointments surface fast

it feels so good to love another we forget the pasts troubling mess
aware that heartache and ulterior motives will make you second guess
but we continue to love regardless of consequence

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. if hands clench the past
    how are rigid fists supposed
    to reach for future?

  2. that's why our hearts guide when it comes to love .. it is able to look past what the mind can't

  3. Love never seems in balance.
    It isn't so hard to "love" it is hard to stay on the tighrope. Love your piece- wrote a response here: