Saturday, May 28, 2011


Misplaced time you can’t get back
Within these walls we are trapped
Lessons feed knowledge that we lack
To keep us moving on life’s track

I’ve gone to far my sight is blurred
But still I never say a word
To weak to even be concerned
When pain is all I’ve really learned

Unable to gain a moment of peace
It seems so far I just can’t reach
All this torment you can keep
Because this life is killing me

Coerced to stay within this clock
Where life is based on ticks and tocks
An endless circle that never stops
Will someone please release the lock?

I’ve tolerated lies and this endless fight
But this constant pain just can’t be right
I see no hope left in sight
Can someone, somewhere, show me the light?

I’m losing faith in better days
And to depression I’ve fallen prey
I’m not worth the effort to try and save
So let me quietly waste away

If I quit…time still moves on
Another memory…a faded song
Here is now but not for long
Embrace these moments before they are gone

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. This poem is so wonderfully penned!!
    Though filled with melancholy :(

    Better days will surely be there
    Though life seems so cruel and unfair
    Do not quietly waste away
    To depression, do not be a prey

    Thanks for sharing this. I could relate so much to this poem!
    Take care :)

  2. Thank you kindly for your response .. Sadness can create beauty .. I like how your partial response was poetic =) ... thanx for takin the time to read my poem!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Angel. Your gift with the pen is a joy. Stick at the music and with your great gifts you can help so many and bring joy to so many. I can relate totally to where you have been 'cause I've been there also. Heres a little ditty I wrote approx 7 years ago when I came out the other side. Thanks again for sharing.


    I was angry with the world
    Blamed it for things gone wrong
    Failure and depression
    Helped me to be strong

    I took no medication
    I fought it with my brain
    At times when I felt useless
    I had to stop, refrain.

    I seemed to spend my time
    Trying others for to please
    Eventually I had to give ME time
    And put my mind at ease.

    I had to learn to love me first
    Then things fell into place
    I may be quiet eccentric
    But I know I’m no disgrace

    I worried ‘bout what people thought
    Now I couldn’t give a dam
    To do my best at everything
    Makes me the man I am.

    So if you chance to meet me
    Just take me as I am
    I may be mad but we’ll have some fun
    And the world will all be grand.

    Copyright, (C). Seamus Kirwan.

  4. I hope you liked the humour in 'anonymous' and then including my name at the end. (It's an Irish thing. LOL). I came across your poem through my friend Ken Humes link.

    Kindest regards, Seamus Kirwan.

  5. The sad song of a lost soul suffering through time... I can certainly identify. The last line is the key... embrace these moments before they are gone.

  6. Man I really like this one. It actually sounds like something I would write style and all. Nice Job man

  7. Thank you everyone and I dig the poem Seamus, thanx for sharing :)

  8. yep no sense it quitting...keep moving..the answers find you easier then...nice write...full of should pop this in @dversepoets this afternoon....

  9. Ya I do need to start postin my work @dversepoets .. will get back into that .. thanx Brian :)