Friday, May 27, 2011


a scene of beauty we may never see
but truly felt when you're next to me
palm trees and sunsets we may never share
but to your smile nothing can quite compare

moments where life seems to stop
are worth the troubles life has brought
eyes that connect two loving souls
has flourished into a love we can't control

quietly we sit and share this view
enjoying every minute I’ve spent with you
these chapters of past and present we've made
clears a path for even happier days

in a time where we share this struggle
and life’s problems we've learned to juggle
each morning I’m glad I wake up to you
it's the power that truly gets me through

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. This poem is beautiful, truly wonderful! I makes me wish I had someone to share my life with :) x

  2. Relationships are hard .. worth it in the end if you find that special one .. still looking for mine .. good luck on your search .. the journey is knowledge .. take it in