Saturday, June 4, 2011


Does following your dream require sacrificing love?
This demanding life where insanity erupts
Tomorrow's path is true inconsistency
A valuable lesson filled with discrepancy

Nobody wants to live a life of regrets
Happiness perceived through introspect
When is to to late to change your mind?
The answers to questions you can't define

Dreams in one hand, love in another
Can one eventually lead to the other?
Heartache is a product of choice
But music gives this soul a voice

Confusions claimed yet another decision
Complicating the course, I’ve been given
To excel I must prepare for defeat
But I must attempt in order to succeed

Resistance comes in the form of love
But will it truly ever be enough?
Do I give up what I’ve gained for a "normal" life
And watch my dreams, pass me by?

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. I understood each phrase and meaning, and loved it. Wonderful poem! Thank you for sharing your passion.

  2. Its always a pleasure to know and heard from those who can relate to my work. Writing has always been a coping tool for me and I know other people can use it the same way. Thanx for takin the time to read my poem!! =)

  3. Is there ever a time when we don't have to make choices? If we were meant to have everything that we wanted, we would and then everything would lose value. Wonderfully thought provoking. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Lovely!

    It is "love" that allows you to follow your dreams...

    I love reading your poems yet I have missed this one.



    the road is split
    choices are made
    all paths exist
    with love sprinkles