Monday, June 6, 2011



When tomorrow seems so far away
And you can’t hold on to today
Will you let your tears display
The fact that he couldn’t stay?

When hugs and kisses just wont last
And those moments go by way to fast
Will you choose to let them pass
And avoid the love that others cast?

Does the future you thought you had
Hold you back and make you sad?
Love never does go as planned
But you’ll fight if you want it bad

Serenity’s found in just a touch
A feeling you don’t want to rush
Emotions shared that say so much
Separated by miles of endless dust

Exactly where I want to be
But still to far from what I need
Will your path run into me
Or drift apart upon the sea?

Time is never time enough
Ticking away as time does
Do not let go of what you love
Eventually, we will rise above

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell