Tuesday, June 7, 2011


All I feel is emptiness
All I know is pain
All I see is failure
In a losing game

All I have is nothing
All I gained I lost
All I have fought for
Has come with a cost

All I hear are lies
All that matters is gone
All I do is wait
To see if I am wrong

All I ask is simple
All I want is you
All I ever needed
Will leave again soon

All you gave you stole
All you promised did fade
All you said you were
Was a lie to make me stay

All you loved was you
All you shared were tears
All you gave were reasons why
You’re no longer here

All you left were scars
All you wanted you got
All you did was eat away
At the battle I have fought

All you do is damage
All you know that’s real
All I do is walk away
And salvage what you steal

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell

1 comment:

  1. wow...great depth of feeling in this...a painful read...nicely done...