Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A dopted vices now victims to 
A nother hole we’ve fallen through  
B roken life that weighs you down  
B etter highs are all I’ve found
C ouldn't grasp the concept of life
C rippled my ability to survive
D oes it even matter to you?
D amaging myself because I choose
E verybodies out to fucking preach
E xcept IM the one you’ll never reach
F rowed upon for my mistakes
F ucking people just love to hate
G rowing tired of being judged
G aining self-esteems that you crush
H elping me wont save this soul
H ell has bought the rights I’ve sold
I t’s not your place to be my savior
I ngested poison from thy neighbor
J ust because you think I’m wrong
J ustify’s the ignorance you pass on
K nocking down the door to death
K illing what little time I have left
L ocked away can’t find the key
L eft to inhale my remedy
M edications you say are the cure
M isguided doctor’s aren’t for sure
N ever surrender to another’s belief
N obodies opinion is guaranteed
O pen up your eyes and see, how
O ther’s live in a fucking dream
P eople fake their happiness
P robably because their lives a mess
Q uestion why they even care
Q uitting is my choice no theirs
R elentless voices try to pur-sway
R ehabilitation to all sinners today
S ome of us don’t give a shit
S evering the ties, reality has stitched
T rue that drugs will kill you slow
T o bad eventually we all must go
U nderneath my heart has decayed
U nfortunatly I have myself to blame
V erbal warnings I did not heed
V isions blurred from lack of sleep
W hy do I punish myself?
W earing down my mental health
Y es I know my choice is made
Y ou remind me every fucking day

Copyright (C) Angel CAmpbell


  1. Ouch. I hope this is not true. You have talent, dont throw it away. What a waste. Dont be a wasteoid. Anything (negative) can and will happen in the underworld. It is not glamorous. Look at Ozzy Ozbourne! He's just lucky to be alive & he knows it. All the rest have died a physical OR mental DEATH. DREAMS ARE FOREVER DESTROYED, AS LIFE BECOMES UNBEARABLE WITHOUT ANY OPTIONS EXCEPT TO NUMB OUT.

  2. This poem is more from the perspective as a friend even tho I have dabbled in my fair share of vices, even love can be a vice. Almost anything can be. Thats why we write tho, to cope? To understand and resolve our issues. Thank you for reading and responding!! :)