Thursday, June 9, 2011





love, it bears penalties
blinded yet it still proceeds
bound to cause casualties
fulfilling what it needs

resistance matters not
not knowing when to stop
anxious, it has forgot
the path it once had sought

no limits can restrict
even if pain inflicts
strength consumes to submit
and eases troubles we forget

these emotions seem to rare
that we travel unaware
even if we can't repair
we walk into it, unscarred

repercussions may await
willing to risk what's at stake
for these are choices hearts make
even if they one day break

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Thanx Maria!! .. Really appreciate you checking out my work!!

  2. Love the poem - Bertrand Russell said - "fear love and you fear life, fear life and you are three parts dead" - your last stanza made me think of that quote :) Steve

  3. I like the rhythm to this. And I agree with Maria, it's intense!