Friday, June 10, 2011


How does water contain
The ability to reflect?
Are those visions seen within
The reality we forget?
The products that form beauty
We physically project
A by-product of conformity
No one can accept

Reflecting eyes of denial
As you try to contemplate
Will you bare your own path
Or walk one already made?
Have the expectations of society
Confused your way of change?
Are those eyes you look into
The one you ought to blame?

Societies profound arrogance
Has led us to compete
Like salesmen who grovel
On the floor at buyers feet
Decisions are controlled by money
It’s the markets only belief
But you’re to busy trying to by
Into this false reality

Can you turn your back
Or are you too afraid to try?
Have you already lost
The person you knew inside?
Ignore this silhouette
And continue to deny
That what they call the truth
Is just a corporate lie

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. A good flow here, with a few turns. Society is what society makes it to be. A collective of people that are afraid, waiting, wanting to be led.

    Not me. How many Borg Poets do you know of? :)

  2. You have eyes to see, wariness made real. It is a service to provide warning of darker paths. But be wary too, for peering down those paths also brings the darkness to you. There are still bright paths beckoning, and bright souls to traverse them. I would see you as one of them.

  3. Well thought out very deep and had a nice flow to it , the poem made sense as well . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .


  4. oo very the bits of social commentary in this on our society...Have the expectations of society
    Confused your way of change?
    great question...

  5. Thank you Brian ... I love thought provoking pieces I can write .. I appreciate you reading my work!!