Monday, June 13, 2011



Chains that shackled hands and feet
Mothers dying while children weep
Their skin produced the cruelest hate
And still racism continues today

Blacks, whites, Koreans and Jews
Hate crimes are all over the news
Many Americans suffer from ignorant lives
Why is equality not seen in your eyes?

Restrictions limited women’s rights
Just to be heard they had to fight
Mothers and housewives…nothing more
We were processed as working whores

Not allowed to vote, speak or play
Beaten senseless if dinner was late
Now we work harder for a much smaller pay
If it wasn’t for us where would you be today?

Gays have endured lashings of pain
To love who you love…you shouldn’t have to be afraid
Immature homophobic's just want something to hate
Deciding who should or shouldn’t be apart of this race

Life’s to short to hate each other
Make amends with your sisters and brothers
A stronger nation we can be
But don’t infect your family tree

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell


  1. Powerful words and so true today. It seems for every leap forward we make in this evolutionary journey, there are those who insist on clinging to the known and the comfortable. Much of the hate has been ingrained, and if you could be a fly on the wall round most dinner tables...I think it would amaze us all to see just how many generations this spans and how easily it is to hang on to the lies and misguidance that come from those we look up to and hope to learn from. Again, a powerful write that has this reader thinking! Good one!

  2. Thanx for takin the time to reflect upon my poem. Ignorance seems to run rampant in society because families allow there beliefs to penetrate the minds of future generations. Allow people to live and be who they want to be. Thanx again for reading!!